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  • When was the last time you cleaned/ oiled your ropes?
    I clean then oil my ropes after every tie, during routine maintenance done every 30 days, and if they touch the floor or any none sterile surface at all.
  • What sterilization procedures do you follow when it comes to shared rope, kink tools, toys, etc.?"
    I use a range of procedures depending on the material. Antimicrobial washes, UV sanitation, single use items, & heat sterilization are all methods I employ, and I have spent years researching proper sanitizing and replacement procedures with various surface and material types.
  • How long does it take you to finish editing photos and get them to me?
    It typically takes me 1 week per 200 photos taken.
  • Do I get intoxicated or inebriated during sessions?
    I only consume a small amount of CBD-dominate medical cannabis to help manage my chronic pain while working and never if safety is a concern. I always inform my clients of my cannabis usage prior to keep them informed on my mental acuity.
  • If an emergency situation occurs, how will you be able to provide immediate care, respond appropriately, and what training do you have?"
    For your safety, I always keep a first aid kit and emergency tools nearby. For rope, titanium EMT shears and a marlin spike. For electricity, rubber gloves. For fire, antibacterial ointment and burn gel. I try to always be prepared for the worst-case scenario and take as many risk mitigation steps that my experience and education have taught me. As far as training, I have CPR experience, emergency first aid training (combat related, not medical), experience handling life threatening dangers and complications, and a calm demeanor in hard situations. I am not a medical expert, but I respond to emergency situations with experience, intelligence, and composure.
  • How do I know your skills aren't just talk?
    This is a difficult question to answer outright. There is no certification tests, evaluations, or many institutions who provide skill based examinations, so I cannot validate my skills in that manor, however I do have references that can speak to both my education, experience, skills, and ethical professionalism. Additionally, I am trying to provide as much information about my talents and skills as well as visual documentation of said skills. I am also more than willing to talk shop and get into the technical and safety aspects of whatever skills I advertise I have. Your safety is alwasy my top priorty and trying to make this community a safer place and more knowledgable place for everyone is the whole reason I began this journey into kink.
  • How will I receive my photos?
    If I am given consent to use my preferred method, I like to upload them in full quality to my business drive. From there you will be given the link in which the raw photos, handpicked photos, and edits will be uploaded as I preocess and edit them.
  • What if I am okay my photos being posted, but don't want my face or distinguishing features shown?"
    You would certainly not be alone in that sentiment! Many people want photos and would enjoy seeing them being posted, but get nervous that someone might recognize them or just generally like their privacy. Like you, I value privacy and consent and would never post your photo without consent. Furthermore, I have the ability to crop and blur distinguishing features if you so desire. Always feel free to communicate EXACTLY what you want and are comfortable with, you aren't hurting me more my busniess by protecting yourself!
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