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My classes are designed to be affordable, entry-level crash courses focusing on promoting a better understanding of various BDSM play types, how to safely apply those play styles, and mitigating risk to ensure a safe, sane, and consensual time for all involved kinksters. 

All services are handled professionally and are non-sexual. I always follow proper negotiation, consent, and safety etiquette, so if you are looking for something different, I am not the right kink educator for you.


Additionally, my classes require you to bring a friend or partner who is willing to let you try the techniques & skills you will be learning, any exception to this must be discussed with me prior to booking an appointment with me.



Safety, Consent, Negotiation, & Aftercare Class

Cost: Free (That is how important it is)

This is the most essential class you can have as it paves the way into the world of BDSM and kink play. It is so important that I actually offer my time teaching this class for free. Whether you are new or experienced in the community, it is my personal belief that every person needs to learn proper negotiation etiquette to ensure full consent before every scene and understand the basic safety measures everyone can take to mitigate risk in any play type.

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