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Model/Photographer/Shibari Artist Lists

Some Great Links to Tips That Will Keep You Safe

Links to Resources if You Feel Someone Violated Your Right of Consent

Staying Safe as a Model in Seattle

I have dedicated this page to provide a resource models, rope bunnies, photographers, etc. can all reference.

Below are links to resources that could help keep you safe or provide you with an easy reference if someone has made you feel unsafe or violated.


Please be aware, I am no expert in sexual assault, I just am providing links, tips, & resources I have found informative to help us create a more informed community.

Be sure to make sure the photographer or artist has work you can view before working together and that they have references speaking to their professionalism. 

Remember, the artist or photographer should not be trying to get you loaded, try to date you, force you into a sexual or extremely vulnerable state, extort more than what you want from them, etc. 

Additionally, being on time and/or communicating late arrivals or an inability to show up is crucial to maintaining good working relationships, be sure to always communicate if something comes up.

It also is a good idea to bring a friend if you are meeting with someone for the first time. Your safety should always outweigh your need for content. There are plenty of photographers and artists out there who will want to work with you.

If you find yourself feeling nervous or anxious, don't be afraid to shake that anxiety out.


Bring a friend who will gas you up, dance a little, eat a snack, smoke a cigarette, watch a funny video, make some funny faces.. do whatever you need to to feel more relaxed, because your confidence and positive emotion feel more natural and are typically better received by your fans.

Additionally, as a model you may not always have a phtographer or artist who knows your good angles or preferences in how to best portray you in a photo. For this reason, you will have more successful shoots (especially with more inexperienced photographers) if you take the time to get to know yourself and what makes you feel like you look the best. Don't be afraid to get a selfie stand and take a ton of photos of yourself in a bunch off difference poses with different facial expressions. If you are having trouble doing this alone, it will be even harder to do with other around.

It is important to get the specifics of what you want in writing, either in the form of a contract or in detailed (and screenshot) messages. 

The reason for this is that the law typically gives the rights to the photos to the one who took the photo. That means you may encounter photographers who will try to steal, use, exploit, etc. your content and you will have a hard time fighting against their use of images of YOUR BODY. 

Under no circumstances should you be forced into this position, which is why it is VERY important that you express your expectations  very clearly in written form and that those term are clearly agreed upon. 

Some finer points might include the distribution of your photos, watermark rights, timeframe you expect the photos by, credit requirements, etc.

If you are unsure about something or feel suspicious that your photos may be exploited or used for personal gain, feel free to reach out to me and explain the situation. I will gladly lend my experience if it helps.


This is probably the most important thing to remember when deciding who to get involved with in the BDSM or NSFW content creation communities.

Some questions you can ask them or yourself that can help root though the rabble could be:

*My Answers To These Are Under F.A.Q.


Top Tips For New Models
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