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All services are handled professionally and are non-sexual. I always follow proper negotiation, consent, and safety etiquette, with a contract we cover prior to anything that goes over all boundaries and establishes clear consent. If you are looking for something different, I am not the right shibari artist for you.

When booking these services, remember to let me know how many people will need to be tied, as these services are aimed at individuals and not groups. With that said, you will always be allowed a non-participating partner to ensure your safety and comfortability. Also keep in mind that due to the complexity of the services offered, it is much easy to just shoot me a message and establish a dialogue.

Everything is currently either TFP (Time For Prints) or donation based. No fees or flat-rates holding you back!


Donation Requested - 1 Hour Session

Do you want to experience shibari, but don't know where to begin or what form you want to try? That's okay, everyone has to start somewhere! Let me know and we can setup a sampling appointment. During it, we can talk safety, negotiation, and cover some of the most commonly practiced forms, all from the perspective of a rope bottom.


After the class, we can either be done or we can move into demonstrations and work through whatever shibari forms interest you. The biggest take away is that this is geared to make sure you are comfortable and have a firm understanding about the basics of shibari and what to expect being a rope bottom.

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My classes are designed to be affordable, entry-level crash courses focusing on promoting a better understanding of various BDSM play types, how to safely apply those play styles, and mitigating risk to ensure a safe, sane, and consensual time for all involved kinksters. 

All services are handled professionally and are non-sexual. I always follow proper negotiation, consent, and safety etiquette, so if you are looking for something different, I am not the right kink educator for you.


Additionally, my classes require you to bring a friend or partner who is willing to let you try the techniques & skills you will be learning, any exception to this must be discussed with me prior to booking an appointment with me.

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Safety, Consent, Negotiation, & Aftercare Class

Cost: Free (That is how important it is)

This is the most essential class you can have as it paves the way into the world of BDSM and kink play. It is so important that I actually offer my time teaching this class for free. Whether you are new or experienced in the community, it is my personal belief that every person needs to learn proper negotiation etiquette to ensure full consent before every scene and understand the basic safety measures everyone can take to mitigate risk in any play type.


All services listed under this category are handled professionally and are non-sexual. I always follow proper negotiation, consent, and safety etiquette, so if you are looking for something different, I am not the right professional dominant for you.


Why hire me as a professional dominant? There are many reasons why people look for a professional dominant. Some are looking for a fetish connection, others wish to let go and let someone take over for awhile, and some may just need someone knowledgeable with the proper equipment to make new content. Whatever your reason, I have flexible rates to work with you and work towards whatever goal you have in mind. Remember, ideally you want to find dominant partners out in the community, however it never hurts to learn work with someone experienced to find out exactly what you are looking for. 

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Private Fetish Photoshoot

Cost: $20 per hour

After you have learned the basics of where to begin earning money in this world, the next step is to start developing content. For this step, we will go over themes for photoshoots you would like planned or using my personal list of ideas, I can guide you through what you need to get to start developing your modeling portfolio. After we have an idea and outfit you want to shoot, we can establish a good location that would best suit your needs. Alternatively, if my photography style doesn't interest you, I can connect you with trustworthy photographers within the local scene.

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