The Purpose

 I began offering my services to those outside my kink family. I observed how other doms & photographers were taking advantage of my friends & partners in the kink or content creation communities. They told me of their experiences. How abusers used their money to buy equipment to "help" the model or sex worker, only to use it as a way to manipulate or abuse their position, often crossing boundaries & using the content they shot with the model as a hostage to keep them quiet or coming back.

My intent is to make sure that doesn't happen to you by allowing a space for you to explore while allowing you to maintain control & assert your boundaries.

The Start

Through BDSM I became a better version of myself and was able to heal through the community. As I became more knowledgeable I wanted to help others like I experienced. It all started when someone recommended me to do Shibari. They said I had the [analytical] mind for it. It became my passion ever since and has been a creative outlet not only for rope but all my other artistic talents.  


Bound by Loki started because it is apparent that the kink community has a problem with transparency & the more resources to fight that, the better off we all are.  

The Goal

In short, I want to see a better educated kink & sex worker community that helps each other grow & find their niche.

It's my sincerest hope that you'll take advantage of our website & resources so we can help educate, encourage, & guide more people down an ethical & safe path in the BDSM & SW communities. We do that by providing important information for self-education, risk mitigation, & affording a way to openly share knowledge & artistry with you so you will hopefully do that same for others!



I am a disabled veteran who sought kink, like many others, to cope with the physical & mental traumas life brought me & through it, discovered a safe, non-judgmental community to heal & explore my sexual & gender identity. Now, nearly 7 years later, this website has developed into a chance for them to give back to members of that community that may now feel unsafe or overwhelmed.


Originally, I discovered shibari while studying different aspects of BDSM, but after picking up the rope I fell in love with the passion and artistry you could express with it. From there, I spent thousands of hours practicing my new passion, meeting and learning from other artists. I began studying different styles and using different mediums to create unique themes to create something visually captivating. Now, I get to to travel the state to work with other artists and give safety, consent, & negotiation etiquette classes to new BDSM community members from all walks of life and I love every second of it!

My main professional skill set is using shibari to create custom full body aesthetic ties to fit themes for photo shoots I have been hired to work on. I also organize larger projects every few months to cover a variety of ideas I want to make a reality. Some of my upcoming projects include vampires, demons, angels, and various takes on Alice in Wonderland.

I also firmly believe that shibari is both a healing and meditative art form. This has lead to me researching and experimenting with the holistic effect shibari can have with traumas, and I hope to develop a process to best channel that and show others how versatile and truly amazing shibari can be.

If you want to know more about the services I provide, just click on the button or navigate to the "services" page utilizing the page selector.

Loki Vladimir Höllenfeuer - Seattle, WA

Shibari Artist & Kink Educator


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My Shibari

Contact Us

Thanks for your interest or inquiry!

My Contact Information

Phone: (425) 525-8825

Email: loki.vladimir.hollenfeuer@boundbyloki.com

Fetlife: Bound-by-Loki


First Step

Reach out to me using one of the many ways I have provided to contact me!

Please be sure to provide your name, the service(s) you are interested in, and the best way for me to reach back out to you.

If you have special concerns or requirements, I encourage you to voice them. I am not here to judge you and will do my best to accommodate your needs.

Second Step

I will reach out to you within 7 days about your request. 

During this step, I will need to ask certain questions to gauge various requirements and costs about the project or session you want me to do.

Expect questions about location preference, your clothing choices (or if you will be wearing any), health complications, etc.


Please don't be afraid to be upfront about your needs,concerns, and expectations.

Third Step

At this point we can set up an appointment. We will need to find a date, time, location, and theme that works best for what you are wanting done. Establishing a detailed plan can take time and communication, please be patient.


Typically I have fresh availability within one week of us reaching the appointment setting part in the process.

Some larger or more unique projects may take longer and by special request, sessions can happen sooner than later to suit your needs, but that will need to be communicated.

Fourth Step

The day of our appointment, I will reach out to confirm the agreed upon time and location and ensure we are on the same page about things.

Once we meet, I will go over an introduction, negotiation, brief you on my plan, finish setup prep, and then we can begin our session or project together. 

Most sessions without photos can take 3 to 6 hours, photos can add an extra hour or two to the appointment time.

Once we are finished, I will ask you if you need aftercare of any kind, debrief you on what my next steps will be, and ask you to leave some feedback or a review.