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Up to this point, I have been able to give classes and help models create content without cost to them, accepting the financial burden as the cost for creating incredible art.

Sadly, this doesn't leave me much room to grow or expand as an artist as I am constrained to only using the leftovers of my fixed VA disability pension to buy new equipment and expand.

So in the hopes of being able to afford new equipment, props, consumables, etc. I am creating this page to have an easy reference of how you can support my continued development as an artist and educator. Some links will be to donations, others will be personal skills or efforts I have monetized.

Whether you end up donating or not, I just want to give you a big thanks for reading this far. Money is just to keep buying material, your support is what keeps me passionate about my work!

Wanna Know How You Can Support My Work?


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Thank you for your support!

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